Friday, April 9, 2010

Dots Back Inn

We had a great dinner tonight at Dots Back Inn. This is a great little neighborhood (Northside, not our neighborhood, unfortunately)place that's been around for years. It was featured on Food Network's 'Diners, Drive Ins and Dives'. Just really good, basic food - great burgers, sandwiches, etc. with interesting specials. Mr. Kim had the bleu cheese burger and I had fantastic fried oysters, house made chips and great Brussels Sprouts. Having had such exquisite oysters last month in NOLA, I was almost afraid to have oysters back in landlocked Richmond VA, but took the risk. They were wonderful and when I asked what kind of oysters they were, I was told Gulf of Mexico oysters! AKA - probably the same ones we'd eaten in NOLA! Our meal was just over $30 with salad, burger, oysters, sides and tea and beers. Great value - especially considering the quality of the food and we like patronizing local merchants.


  1. I LOVE little local places; in fact, we just patronized one tonight.

    And first visit, you HAVE to have a Burger. It's the LAW.

  2. my friend, Desiree Draper's sister and her husband own this place. name is Daniella Tsamouras. forgot her husband's first name. They also own the newly opened "Demi's) across the street. It's Greek Restaurant.

    1. We'll have to try the Greek place! We LOVE Greek food.