Monday, February 6, 2012

My BIG News

That shaking you feel is not the epicenter of a new Virginia earthquake. It’s me doing the Happy Dance. I have, as of last Monday, joined the ranks of the retired. (more shaking – still just the dance.) It may only be temporary – we are hoping that we can swing it financially. But even if it is, I am going to enjoy having a life while it lasts.

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time. Honestly, I never really wanted to grow up to be anything but a housewife. I wanted to cook and keep a house and take care of my family. I was born in the wrong generation, I think. But then, I am such a flaming liberal (born that way, I think – I used to get all pissed at Darren when he tried to boss Samantha) that I would have been tarred and feathered in any other era.

So, I will not miss working. I will, however, miss some of the wonderful people that I worked with. Things had gotten really crappy there and the only thing that made going to work bearable was those folks. They know who they are and I am going to make a gargantuan effort not to lose touch in my tendency to cocoon.

Some folks asked if I wasn’t afraid of being bored. Hah! I’ve been off a week and feel like I haven’t taken a break yet. I’ve worked on some projects. I’ve caught up on blog reading. I’ve cooked meals. I’ve hosted a Super Bowl party (I’m hoping that Mr. Kim will do a blog post since he did most of the cooking – it was GOOOOD). And I keep finding myself smiling. I am just so freaking happy. I’ve had lots of jobs – some I even liked and almost always worked with some amazing people. But working was what bored me. I’ve never, ever found myself bored staying home.

I just haven’t ever been a terribly ambitious person. I know that’s not too cool to admit. And I know that that has puzzled the people in my life. I think that there may be some who are STILL waiting for me at age 52 to ‘find myself’. To find a fulfilling, career. Well, I did. I’m home. I’m happy and comfortable and at peace. Is there really anything more than that in this world?


  1. I'll be expecting my pipe and slippers along with the evening paper and a martini when you meet me at the door each evening.

  2. I'm dancing the Happy Dance with you! Your experience at work mirrors mine -- great people but never a job I really adored. Rock on!

  3. Ooooh, Mr. Kim is asking for it, isn't he? OTOH, if he brings Leonidas chocolates, he could easily be forgiven by me, with the aforementioned items in hand.

  4. Oh, Baby Girl! I'm so pleased for you!! Was it not Sally Brown who said, "All I ever wanted was to be a good wife and mother---why do I have to go to kindergarten?" That one was out while I was in college, and I concurred 100%.

    And tell MR. Kim we know him better than that. Shall I bring this 3000-foot roll of commercial Saran Wrap when next we meet?

  5. Way to go Kimbo...enjoy! I am living on the other extreme end...pushing for a job at Warner Bros (4 months and 18 interviews later...oy vey!). Hugs to you. And tell Mike to get your slippers and martini, OK?

  6. that was from Jeff not Anonymous...I am a web nerd; can't figure this thing out on your blog. JEFF SHAPIRO is my name!

  7. Fabulous! So happy to for you - enjoy!

  8. I understand everything you're saying, Kim. I do some of my most fulfilling activities at home and they aren't work related. I am fortunate however that I also work at home, so I get to start some of those projects during breaks, etc.

    Now I expect you to be baking bread, getting a sous vide machine, tempering chocolate and curing loads of charcuterie - especially since Mr. Kim can now do the final stage smoking.

  9. Mr. Kim – ooooh, martinis! You make me feel like Nora Charles. I will gladly meet you with all of that if I can be as sassy as her. AND if you’ll buy me a bunch of rustle-y hostess gowns!

    Maggie – thank you, my dear! See, since I ‘met’ you, I’ve always wanted to be either you or Rachel when I grew up. I guess I grew up, but still need that amazing writing mojo!

    Chessie – yes, Leonidas would certainly help!

    Rachel – LOL! Bring two, please – especially if he takes Chessie’s Leonida chocolate suggestion.

    Jeff – thanks, my sweetie! I’ll keep everything crossed for the Warner Bros. job for you. We just saw a really good documentary on the founding of Warner Bros. They were really amazing – especially for the times that they made their movies in. Very socially aware!

    Forest – thank you! The only downside is that we’ll probably never make another wonderful trip again. But I think that my memories are so strong and wonderful that they will keep warm for me.

    Anon – oh, yes – I have LOTS of projects I’m dying to do. Maybe not sous vide – frugality is now the name of the game here. But tempering chocolate is a BIG one. I’m gonna learn to make my own bagels, too. Maybe even croissants.

  10. Kim,
    Sous vide is great for frugality! You can take inexpensive cuts of meat and cook them for hours at the low temp and they come out tender, moist and rich in flavor. I did a brisket - the best one ever! Huge beef flavor and as tender as a filet mignon.

    Anyway, I hope you start soon on the yeast and the chocolate projects!

  11. That's so funny, I'm still trying to find myself too.... Sadly, Retirement is not in my future, so instead of finding myself I'm am constantly reinventing myself!! LOL... Happy for you.

  12. Thank you, Farnimo! You are good at invention, though! All of your incarnations are sweet, funny and loving.

    This is my dear, dear friend Mary, y'all! We've been buds since 9th grade - almost 40 years. Wait...that CAN'T be right...good GOD.

  13. Okay, okay, okay! Now, where is Paris in the Spring?! We've waited and waited and waited. :-)

  14. Yes, you have - and been remarkably patient, too! I am working on getting back in the mindset for blogging our trip. I've gone back and read my posts, both here and at eGullet and things are starting to percolate. I think I'll begin tapping away in the next day or so. Today were are off to Charlottesville for some basketball, wandering around Mr. Jefferson's town and some mountain views. But Mr. Kim has to be at the office all day tomorrow, so I plan to WRITE!