Friday, February 20, 2015


I put up this little flag a week or so ago:

And look what I got:

The three of us are like little kids with snow.  We love blizzards and snow days and one of our most treasured family traditions centers around this song:  

At the first flake, we sing it.  If we aren’t together, we call or text this:

The response is:

That goes back and forth a few times and then because we only know the words to the “snow” part, we all join in with “da da da da da da da da da…..SNOW”.  We are completely weird. 

You know it just occurred to me.  I also have a UVA flag out on the side of the house and they haven’t lost a game since I put it out.  I wonder if they make a “Lottery” flag?  


  1. You're right--we ARE weirdos!!!

  2. I LOVE this, though I might not three hours from now when I'm still humming along. I've offered my services as a Lady Baritone anytime, and my only other credentials are that I know the line, "It won't be LONG before we're THERE with SNOWWWW." So there's that.

    We're having a Blacklist Marathon today, and hope you're enjoying all the accoutrements of Cocoa, Marshmallows (we have some leftover SNOWMAN ones---another PLUS for my audition), hot soup and cornbread and cobbler. Have I left anything out, cept maybe Chicken 'n' Dumplins and a showing of White Christmas?

    love and stay WARM, you Angels!


  3. Can't even see there is a street there! Just thinking BETTER YOU THAN WE, as I sit in shorts & sleeveless top with the windows open and that Texas wind blowing away! The lows may not be good for the fig count again this summer. Sure hope not! Seriously, enjoy, my weird friends!