Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Deux

This was our backyard last night. And it’s still coming down. I know that I’m a grown up and I’m supposed to be disgruntled about all this stuff. Two weekends in a row, our city is paralyzed. It’s bad for the economy – people can’t shop. We’re supposed to go to friends for the Super Bowl tomorrow. I can’t help it. I LOVE this stuff. I want more. I want a two foot blizzard. I wish we lived in Northern VA where it’s even ‘worse’ today. OK – I am concerned about folks who are stranded and cold and I always worry about animals in severe weather (there is a special level of hell for people who leave their animals outside on days like this). But I can’t help but enjoy sights like this:

We loaded up the bird feeders and the cracked corn dish and the birds and squirrels are having a huge party:

For some reason, I can't post more than 5 pictures in any post, so I'll do another post with more shots of our yard.


  1. I love your little visitors, as they await your largesse. What a lovely vista you have, and I hope this is a wonderful snowbound weekend, with all the warmth of your welcoming home and glorious scents coming from your pink kitchen!

    Wish I could be there. Someday . . .

  2. Oh, Rachel, I DREAM about a visit from you and Chris!

  3. The terms are "snomg" "snomg2" and "snomg3: The Great Flaking." Please use them appropriately.