Thursday, August 12, 2010

What I Did For Love

(Extra points for the first one to ID the title reference)

Mr. Kim and I went to see 'Heart' last night. First off, I don't even LIKE Heart. And it was an outside venue. The temperature was something like 170 degrees. With a heat index of 210. At one point I believe that I began to smolder. And there were bugs. And undulating, screeching middle aged people pumping fists and gang signs (gang finger signs? whatever, you know what I mean - those Rock n Roll gestures) in the air. We forgot chairs, so we stood on gravel for 3 1/2 hours. My Crocs have permenant dimples. BUT, Mr. Kim LURVES 'Heart' and I LURVE Mr. Kim. And he goes places and does things with and for me that touch my heart and appall his friends. He's my sous chef in all of my kitchen experiments and eats whatever I put down in front of him. If it doesn't work, he'll cheerfully eat scrambled eggs or order pizza. He traveled halfway across the country to meet my online friend who could have turned out to be an ax murderer (luckily it was the lovely Rachel and her enchanting family, but still - there were no guarantees). He spends time with my family and friends and is the consumate gracious host to any number of folks that I decide to throw together on any given holiday. I could go on and on. He does much, I do little. So going to see a band I don't much care about is the LEAST that I can do.

It really was hot, though and I didn't help myself. I raced home from work and threw on 'play clothes'. I grabbed a T-shirt out of the closet and dashed out. I didn't realize until we got to the concert and sweat started POURING down my back (I'm not a big sweater), that I'd put on a cotton/SPANDEX mix shirt. Lord have mercy, it was like wearing a Spanx T-shirt. Basically, I spent 4 hours on one of the hottest nights of the summer with my torso wrapped in plastic wrap.

I must say (I can't be the only one in the world that can't say "I must say" without thinking of Ed Grimley) the people watching was PRIME. I have a theory that clothing inapproriate to the season is a symptom of mental disturbance and clothing inapproriate to the occasion is a symptom of trashiness. There were plenty of examples of both. One big fella had on fleece jams. One long haired old guy was dressed head to toe (long pants, long sleeved shirt buttoned up to the neck) in Johnny Cash black. White people dreds (these give me the shivers). Lots of high heels on the women. I noticed a LOT of really tough looking chicks - the kind that might have been groupies in the 70's. Big, bleached blond hair, peacock feather earrings (they would have had roach clips attached back then), high waisted jeans so tight that they brought to mind a certain dromedarian attribute.

And why, at concerts, do I always end up behind the broad who insists on screaming like a banshee and who loves interpretive dance? I tend to be a bit of a passive concert goer - I go to hear THEM sing, not myself - but I don't mind a little swaying or head bopping. But, just so you know, the next person who stands in front of me at a concert flipping their hands in front of my face and doing backbends has a good chance of getting a Croc up their butt. I did, however, absolutely LOVE the big ole boy who was 6'8, every bit of 400 pounds and sang, completely in tune and key in FALSETTO every single word to every single song. To borrow a word from my friend Rachel, he 'brighted' me!

None this was helped by the fact that I spent most of the concert huddled behind Mr. Kim's back trying not to look at the stage lights - hoping to avoid a light triggered migraine. I know that I looked like a fool - two people asked me if I was alright. What a dweeb.

It's funny when I think about the fact that just last August I was standing in an outdoor venue, in terrific heat behind undulating fools and, instead of bitching about it, I was utterly entranced. It was the Paul McCartney concert. A dream of my lifetime that I never, ever thought would be fulfilled. Mr. Kim made that dream come true. He got tickets for my 50th birthday present. THAT'S why I accompany him to things like Heart and Barry Manilow concerts. Like I said, it's the least I can do for someone like that.


  1. Chorus Line. Now I'll be humming it all afternoon. Pooh.

    Now I'll take time to read the rest of the post. moire non

  2. OK---I'm back. This was such fun and so like you that I posted the link on LT.

    I just Hee-Hawed, right here in the room by myself, with the sleepy sounds of a little girl fading away over the monitor. Glad the sound is one-way, cause I'd have made her wake right up, I'll bet.

    You poor sweetheart---and your LUCKY Sweetheart. All that richer/poorer stuff could be left out of the vows, and you could just swear to stand four hours in the heat/cold to accompany your spouse to something which holds no interest at all for you.

    Now a marriage like THAT---those endure.

  3. Ding, ding, ding!!! We have a winner. And the reason why I know that song so well is that while Mr. Kim was being a proper teenager and listening to sexy chick rock and roll, I was a theatre geek gettin' down to Chorus Line and Pippin!

    I'm honored to be linked from Lawn Tea! That's as good as published in my opinion! And you are so right about those kinds of marriages enduring. We are just celebrated 28 in March and I anticipate the marriage holding up as long as my feet do!

  4. Being someone who works in the biz I knew A Chorus Line right away, so I thought there had to be an additional more personal connection. And talking about connections, it sounds like your found the perfect one for you.

    I can't go to rock concerts these day unless I wear worker's ear plugs. They're just too dang loud. But Paul McCartney, that would have been wonderful. I like Billy Joel, too.

  5. By the way, your account of the concert is hilarious!

  6. Thank you! I did find the perfect one - he puts up with a LOT! And A Chorus Line IS special to me. It was the first musical that we really became obsessed with in high school. We were all drama geeks and knew every single word to every single song. My mom even took me to NY my senior year and we got orchestra seats at the Shubert. I remember I wanted to go to Sardi's for dinner, but we didn't for some reason. It was my first Broadway show and something I've never forgotten. I would guess that all the members of "La Group" (my HS crowd - self nicknamed because we thought we were SO sophisticated) could still sing along pretty accurately 30-some years later!

    I never thought about bringing earplugs to concerts. We've been to see Bruce Springsteen, Nickelback and, of course, Sir Paul in the last year and those would have been a great idea. I'll remember next concert.

  7. Rachel, sent me over, and I am so glad.

    This is fantastic. You had me laughing in my seat. Why? Because I could identify with every single word.

    We'll be celebrating number 40 next month, and we do the same for each other, too. We are blessed, aren't we?

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh, Kim, this post made my day -- what a terrific writer you are! I sweated every minute with you and Mr. Kim.

    Now I'm going to reread it and laugh all over again. (I was a Drama Major in college for one year, until I realized that Drama Majors weren't my cuppa. That, and realizing I had zero talent.)

  9. Following Rachel here. She said it was funny and it was. I can't believe that I have changed so much in the years since I first went to a concert...Allman Brothers...Birminghm, the mid 70's. How I acted then and now is night and day!
    Is that called maturity or just old age? :)

  10. Well, thank you all! I love making people laugh, so you made my day!

    Beverly - yes, we are certainly blessed!

    Maggie - the comment on my writing means so much coming from you - I'm honored. It took me a bachelor's degree (on the 5 year plan) and a stint directing a show for a local theatre group to realize that drama folks weren't my cuppa, either. As self absorbed as cats, without the redeeming qualities!

    Tonja - my first concert was Alice Cooper! I prefer to think that it's maturity.

  11. Heart, not TOO awful. We have proof now, though, that you LOVE Mr. Kim- Barry Manilow makes it official.

  12. You betcha, Coop! But he will stick through any number of episodes of 'Bones' with only the occasional derisive snort, so we are even!