Saturday, August 27, 2011

a quick note on the hurricane

Apart from entertaining, we can use this blog to let folks in on what's going on. As far as Hurricane Irene goes, we are physically fine. The ferocity has taken us a bit by surprise, and I have to admit to being very nervous most of the day.

We currently have a tree through our shed roof but did not lose the freezers inside. As of now, they are still running. We still have power, and so far the house and cars are unscathed. Lot sof branches down. We have heard several trees fall around the neighborhood but have not seen them. My sister lost a tree but it fell clean. My mom's shed and fence and her neighbor's shed were crushed by a tree and she remains without power. Dad is also without power. Jess is fine, no complaints. Kim's parents in NC got well over a foot of rain, and a neighbor has piggybacked them into their generator circuit. Over half their town is dark. We are all fine.

We all still have about six hours to get completely out of the zone, and then another day or two for all the trees the firm up again and we can relax. There are many who face a night of possible flooding east of us, and if a shed is all we lose we are more than ahead of where things could have ended up. With nearly 40 trees in our yard, this is truly a blessing.

We are worried about friends in the tidewater area and would love to hear from you in particular, Chesapeake, if you have power and are okay.

Please pray for those still in harm's way.

- Mike, for Kim


  1. Hi, Kim & Mike,
    We are fine. Does not look like we lost anything but a few branches, and only two short power outages. Sorry I didn't think to check before! Ready for the sun to come up so we can walk out and check things.

    Thanks for asking! xoxo

  2. So glad to hear that, Chessie! We ended up losing power overnight, but it popped back on just as we got out of bed this morning (great job, Dominion!). It looks so odd outside - bright sunshine combined with branches and leaves and debris everywhere. Sausage biscuits and eggs for breakfast and then we'll be getting busy out there.

  3. I'm SO thankful for you both, and for your safety, and that of your dear families.

    You KNOW you are thought of and remembered in prayer, then and now and all through the putting-back-togethers. We've been so often under a "watch," though never of such severity, and it's just so good to know that the storm has almost passed over.

    You're our FAMILY, all of you, and we've been thinking of you.

    love and,

    PS The birthday card is infinitely precious, with the sweetest message, and I love it. I'm taking Sweetpea's envelope to her at her party this p.m. She LOVES to open mail.

  4. Rachel - thank you so much! We love y'all so much and speak and think of you every day. I'm so glad that Sweetpea's card got there in time for her birthday. Tell her 'hey' for us and give her a big birthday hug from Uncle Mike and Auntie Kim!

  5. Here in NYC we're just finishing up with the gray tail end of Irene. She entered the area as a level one hurricane and left as a tropical storm. Lots of flooding and tree damage in the outer boroughs, but Manhattan has had some minor flooding, and mostly has gotten through unscathed - but well washed! Mayor Bloomberg prepared the city for the worst and did it really well I think. Luckily, it turned out not to be close to the worst and we didn't have to take the test.

  6. So glad to hear that, Anon! Every time that they mentioned NYC, I was thinking of you and Stash and my other friends in that part of the world. So far, everyone that I've heard from/of is ok. Lots to be grateful for.

  7. Did y'all delete my comment?

  8. We didn't delete anything. Odd. Try again, BabyBear!

  9. Oh. I was just mocking the fact that God took away your power because you dared to flout your electrified house.

  10. What flouting did I do? I recall NO flouting.