Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mr. Kim blogs: Valuable lessons

I have learned several things today.

1. Never get coffee from a Starbucks that usually serves its java from the brewer but is today serving from twenty gallon portable urns.

2. Twenty gallon portable urns full of coffee cool faster than three gallon brewers that are constantly refreshed.

3. Coffee from a 20 gallon urn is likely to be cold.

4. One should taste one’s coffee before leaving a Starbucks to see if it is the right temperature.

5. A cup of cold Starbuck's coffee does not magically get warmer after a 10 mile drive to the office.

6. Starbucks cups, even when full of cold coffee, will nonetheless burst into flame when placed in a microwave.

7. Flaming coffee cups, when grabbed by bare hands, can leave a mark. A very painful mark.

8. Grabbing a flaming coffee cup does not in and of itself prevent now-hot coffee from spewing all down your hands from the deteriorating cup.

9. Standing still and screaming in an office break room while holding a deteriorating flaming coffee cup form Starbuck's does nothing to improve the situation.

10. Folks in my office find the strangest things amusing.

No, the moment was not captured on video. Stop laughing.


  1. Not laughing---except at the telling. It's too painfully familiar, beings as our microwave is up almost past my eye-level, and I occasionally misjudge the fill/melt/ heat factor of the contents, with great sloshings and cussin' as a result.

    I feel your pain, Brother.

  2. I would but I cant!

  3. That is just so funny. Sorry you got hurt but your sense of humour obviously survived intact!

    Happy Christmas and all the best for 2012 to you all.


  4. LIZ!!! So glad to hear from you. I've been haunting Mimi's hoping to see a Britain report! Not doing much posting or even responding due to lack of time, but I wanted to hear how your trip went. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Best, Kim