Monday, August 28, 2017

Mr. Kim blogs: something pretty

Someone very special has a birthday Wednesday.  I do not often get a chance to tell her how much impact she has had on us.  And I had no idea what to send or say to appropriately honor her.  So after some thought I decided just to post something beautiful, to celebrate the joy she brings.  So here is last year's autumn's beauty, grace, subtlety, charm, and wonder.

Happy birthday, milady.  You are loved.


  1. Up at 4:14 for no reason at all, two cups of Eight O'clock, and then THIS, the reason.

    Weeping with joy, Chris over my shoulder enjoying, too. Moire non and love,

  2. What sweet sweet sentiments to a truly wonderful lady by some of the sweetest kindest people I know. I'm blessed to have one as my mother, and the others as my friends! Love you all!

  3. I have the kindest husband in the world. Not to mention one of the dearest, most wonderful and forgiving friends ever. I have been remiss in keeping in touch and you always understand. I hope you have a lovely birthday - as wonderful as you deserve. With Caro and Chris and everyone who loves you, I know you will.

  4. And you have made other people happy to ... to witness wonderful kindness. Thank you!

  5. Do I smell the smoke of a distant pit, turning out incomparable MEAT for the celebrations? Is there a whiff of special sauce in the air, an odor of such magic seldom found in the smoke-tinged world?

    And, of course, if the smoker is cold and you're kicking back with a Coors and a Domino's---well, perfection reigns, still.

    What an unusual weekend we have had---Chris has been logging over 2000 miles a month lately, and comes home at night just longing to be somewhere without a steering wheel in front of him. Several very early mornings and late nights had him dragging a bit, and so after our delightfully COOL little picnic party on Friday evening---sweaters all around (PINK, of course, for all us ladies, for it was a "flamingo" party), and several hot dishes on the menu and who could "loop the pole" just down the hill while the "surprise" of the table was arranged and decorated.

    Then lo, on the way home (several miles out of town at a fabulous rolling-hill, fantastically equipped park) the clouds rolled away to reveal a perfect blast of PINK sunset.

    So on Saturday, he said "Sleep In," and we did---til nearly noon, from whence we decamped to Golden Corral for pot roast and pie, a whiz-bang trip through my fave little antiques store for a new, blowsy, saved-from-Belle-Watling-decor by its being a pale champagne brocade lampshade.

    Much Netflix til late (finishing off the new DEFENDERS) and a Sunday matinee of CE3K. naps after, til almost nine, a quick pan of sloppy Joes, and three ARROWs to finish out the evening.

    Just up here at 11:30 and no plans for the day. So a lovely, restful double-birthday with O, lots of FB greetings on Caro's page and happies from old (WAY BACK DOWN SOUTH) friends, and we're planning an AMTRAK adventure to NYC in Oct or Nov, to meet the newest GRAND and see her proud parents. That's us---our usual juxtaposition of quiet and rowdy (no music or dancing before we sat down to the party) and a good time had by all.

    Hope all is well and happy with you dearies---hope your Mom is better, and that you're having a wonderful Cusp of Fall.

    Seventy-five ain't bad a-tall. I can testify.