Saturday, February 6, 2010

I haz a Grandkitty

Meet 'Jonah'. It looks like he ate the whale. The Child foolishly went down to the SPCA on this snowy day and fell in love. She thought that she was looking for a kitten, but Jonah gave her the old Silent Miaow: and she was lost. Boo-hoo'd and everything. He's a gorgeous brute and I can't wait to get my hands on him. We are without pets just now and want to keep it that way for awhile. With The Child moved out and no animals, we are looking forward to some spontaneity in our lives - travel, especially. But I've warned Mr. Kim that if we end up sitting around the house, going nowhere and waiting to die, I'm becoming the crazy cat lady. So I will be available for babysitting Jonah. And, knowing The Child, that was part of her calculations.


  1. I've always wanted a Marmalade---her name would be Cornbread.

    I could sit and pet your Comfy Kitty a WHILE.

  2. He's a MONSTER! He is going to rule the roost, that dog has no chance of running things around here again.

  3. This is a test, please disregard this comment, as it is only a test.