Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mr. Kim Spoils Me

We love holidays and decorating for them. Well, Mr. Kim mostly loves Christmas and looks a little askance at my multiple boxes of Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. But he loves me beyond the bounds of what is sensible and totes all the boxes up and down stairs and even indulges me with gifts of little lovelies that I fall in love with. Yesterday we were in Carytown to have breakfast with The Child and afterwards we wandered around in some of the shops. We got a couple of cupcakes at Carytown Cupcakes (the flavor was good, but they were so dry – like ‘most every bakery cupcake I’ve ever had), some Japanese candy at Tokyo Market, herbs at Penzeys and looked for Valentine ornaments for my shiny pink St. Valentine’s tree (I know, I know) at Old World Accents. We found a couple of adorable little glass Conversation Hearts:

They are about 1 inch across.

And then I noticed this little dude:

And I was LOST! The artist is Ginny Betourne and her stuff is truly magical and amazing. Mr. Kim snatched it right up for me and he’ll be out for Easter.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, What a Chickety-chack, in his kneeboots!!

    He's precious, and I'm REALLY looking forward to Easter this year.