Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I am an extremely dilatory blogger. I have a jillion ideas in a Word document on the computer and all day long thoughts will hit me, but I never seem to be able to find the time to sit and actually write. I am a long way from being an actual writer, but I know that REAL writers need quiet time to gather their thoughts, to find the right words, etc. And I just don’t have that time in my life. Or maybe I’m just kidding myself. The people that I know who do write have lives every bit as full, or even more so, than mine. Maybe if I had all the time in the world, I’d still post these way-after-the-fact posts a month apart. I’d like to find out, though ;^) .

Mother’s Day was a little bittersweet this year. We celebrated with a brunch at our house and were expecting Mr. Kim’s mom (his dad and Judy were busy elsewhere), the Macs and Momma and Ted (Daddy and Katie were in Florida and getting him out of Sarasota takes a MAJOR life event). Unfortunately they had some illness at the Mac’s and Momma and Ted just didn’t feel good enough to make the big drive. I missed them all a lot, especially not being with Momma for her birthday (May 6) and Mother’s Day. But Kenny and Judy were able to come after all, so that was a nice surprise. And Jo was there, so we did have Mom's available for all the mom necessities (cutting the cake, looking at photos - who else will look at all of your pictures?).

Brunch started with nibbles:

Crackers and celery with Rachel’s Redneck Gazpacho and her ‘Paminna Cheese’

The ‘gazpacho’ is a weird and wonderful mixture of fresh tomatoes, mayo, bacon and Saltines! It tastes like BLT in a bowl.

We also had quiche:

Lorraine, made with this decidedly oddly shaped Neuske’s bacon:

It’s no Blessed Virgin in a potato chip, but it enlivened OUR morning.

Spinach and tomato with Monterey Jack and goat cheese

Sausage rolls:

Katie’s Chicken Casserole:

Salad w/ Cream Chive Dressing:

Fruit salad:

Dessert was a Key Lime Poppy Seed Cake:

It was a white poppy seed cake filled with lime curd and frosted with a key lime extract flavored 7 minute frosting. Very, very good! I forgot to get a picture of a slice, but it was beautiful inside and the leftovers got scarfed up really fast at work.

I also did one of those frosting cakes since they come together so easily:

German chocolate cake with pecan, coconut and caramel frosting drizzled with chocolate and caramel.

I made Gary’s version of Columbia White Sangria to serve, but forgot to take a picture. It was delicious and POTENT!

We had a lovely day, with lots of visiting and stories and laughing. Mike and Jessica ‘made over’ me in a nice fashion. Mike gave me a beautiful purse that he noticed me drooling over while we were doing our Mother’s Day shopping and Jessica gave me a cute little Paul Frank cosmetic bag:

I am a fool for monkeys.

She has also arranged for something that I’ve wanted forever. She’s going to have an artist friend come over and paint our family motto (Suck It Up) in our family room. It will be the first thing that you see when you walk in the door and I’m thrilled.

I talked to Momma and Grandma Jean and had nice visits with both of them, but it wasn’t the same as being with them. I think that next year, I may try to arrange a Reidsville trip with us and Momma and Ted so that we can be together. Mother’s Day is important to me. I don’t see it as a “Hallmark Holiday”, but as a chance to really sit down and think of how you can show the most important person in your life’s history what they mean to you. A nice card, with a heartfelt inscription, some flowers, a gift, a good meal and a chance to talk and reminisce – all of these show how you feel.


  1. How'd I miss this gorgeous array!!?? The chocolate cake alone should have called my name without the Internet.

    This is just splendid, and I'm honored and pleased to be included, recipe-wise. I'm glad you had a good day, and I know how very fortunate ALL your family is to have you to "Mama" them.

    Off now to see if the KL cake is on your recipe blog. If not, get at it, Sweetpea!!

  2. The recipe IS on there, so have fun. Key lime curd is HARD to find, so feel free to use lemon. My stepsisters' mother made the best lemon curd I've ever tasted (they are English folks), so I may need to get her recipe and try my hand at lime curd.

    I don't think we've had a big feast since we met that hasn't included one of your wonderful recipes. Next best thing to having you here.