Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Breakfast

Breakfast this morning was a lamb hash recipe that I developed with help from a roast beef hash recipe in Saveur magazine. We had some leftover lamb from Mr. Kim’s last smoking project and he suggested making hash. I am really glad that he had that thought.

My mise:

Chopped lamb and potatoes.

Finely minced onion and garlic.

There was also some chopped Benton bacon, Penzey’s Lamb Seasoning (I LOVE this stuff), nutmeg, S&P, Italian parsley and those weirdo plastic wrap poached eggs.

The bacon is slowly rendered and then set aside. I sauteed the potatoes in the bacon grease until browned:

Added the onions and let them get soft and browned.

Then lamb, Penzey’s, a couple of scrapes of nutmeg and salt and pepper, to taste:

Good, huh? I’m not finished yet. I forgot to say that there is also 1/2 a cup of heavy cream. I really like gilding the lily.

Put the cream in and let it reduce and make a nice crust on the hash. Serve topped with poached eggs:

We also had CSA cantaloupe, CSA Hanover tomatoes, cherries and some good seed bread that we got at Whole Foods:

This was a Big Fork meal. So good. The lamb has such deep, rich flavor and then adding the bacon makes the taste really BIG! You can find the whole recipe at:
(copy and paste - I STILL haven't figured out how to make the link icon work)


  1. DAYUM, Girl!!! Will you GIVE it a REST!!

    Hope Chris doesn't see these.

  2. OK, that comment gave us BOTH the snorting giggles - and Mr. Kim is NOT a snorter. You bring Chris down here and I'll make him some lamb hash. And I'll make you eggs benedict with fluffy, poufy hollandaise!

  3. I do love corned beef hash but this is the first time I've heard of cream being used.

  4. oops, it's lamb hash.

    anyway, looks great as always!

  5. Yep, lamb - but I've never heard of cream either. It was an idea that I got from Saveur. I'm not sure just what it added - I'd almost like to do a side by side - with and without to see what it 'brings'. But I can't argue with it, because it was so good.

  6. Wow, that incredible breakfast looks like enough calories to last the rest of the day! I've done several recipes lately where the cream disappears gradually in the cooking. Mostly notably the Keller's AD HOC corn. I tried the recipe without the cream, just a little milk and butter. Not nearly the same richness and weight. Gotta be cream!

  7. OK, Anonymous, that Keller reference makes me sure that you are who I think you are (Inigo Montoya again). Breakfasts like that alway occur on days when no lunch is in the offing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    I haven't tried that creamed corn yet. Maybe for dinner tonight? I have some fresh corn in the fridge and Mr. Kim could always go out and get some cream.