Sunday, July 18, 2010

We Have Guests

Look what appeared just beside our front door yesterday:

There is even a wee key on the top for absent-minded fairies:

We’ve apparently been approved by the FHA (Fairy Housing Authority). We are humbled by the honor. (Well, I am – Mr. Kim and The Child seem bemused, at best.) I first heard of angel doors at Rachel’s blog:
This charming post and pictures made me long for a visit from the fairies.

The story and pictures at Urban Fairy Operations:
a wonderful site full of the fairy doors of Ann Arbor, Michigan (apparently a hotbed of pixie activity – who knew?), made me dare to hope for a fairy door of mine own.

Ours are presumably top drawer and sophisticated wee folk, judging from the formality of the door and the brass fittings. What they found attractive in our slapdash and unkempt home is a mystery. But I’m just glad they did.


  1. Your credentials were found exemplary, the accommodations, first-class, and you're reputed to set the best table in Virginia---do you REALLY think this is the FIRST such passageway to your abode?

    You've been judged trustworthy and kind---both attributes most necessary for Fairy Hosts, and I think, if you'll look sharp and don't accept things as they appear, you'll find quite a few small dwellings round and about your property.

    And perhaps you've received a present or two with no card, no name? Or discovered a flower where you'd planted no seeds?

    Think hard. Do you really think that plump Rabbit makes that entire route by himself?

  2. I dunno... once you get fairies it is tough to get rid of them. You may also find keys and socks going missing. Maybe the leftover dessert will disappear before you get a chance to eat it yourself.

    (but over all, I think it is worth it)


  3. Rachel - Thank you ma'am! I just hope that they have the sense to leave the mouse feeders alone (I won't call them mousetraps, because they don't trap anything - I think that the mice use them in their own version of Basic Training).

    Jonathan - I'm honored by your visit. I think your home and the wee occupants are some of the most charming things I've ever seen. And if they eat leftovers, they are worth any amount of missing socks and keys!