Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dinner 1/13/2010

Dinner the night before last was this:
Roast beef, broccoli with Julia’s blender hollandaise, mashed potatoes w/ Saga bleu Brie, salad and yeast rolls.
So dinner tonight was this:

Salad and hot roast beef sandwiches, mashed potatoes, etc, etc. :-) I even scooped the potatoes in an ice cream scoop and flipped it over for a gravy well. When we lived in Indiana, these sandwiches were called ‘Manhattans’ – either roast beef, pork or turkey with gravy. I’ve never heard them called that anywhere else. Indiana had some interesting food eccentricities – something called a ‘fish tail sandwich’ – I was horrified until I found out that it was just a triangular shaped fish fillet – nothing to do with tails. And whenever we ordered slaw to go with our meal, it was always brought out first – like a salad – and served with a basket of crackers.

We had a lovely setting:
We spent a lot of dinner talking about Haiti. Poor Haiti. They have so little and now this. Mr. Kim has a coworker who went there awhile back and came back in love with the people. I wish that I still had the piece that she wrote about her experiences. The people were amazing and the experience life changing for her. We are trying to figure out what organization is the best to contribute through.

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