Saturday, January 9, 2010

Inauguration Day

I am a wannabe writer, artist, gourmet cook, and homemaker. I am an actual dabbler in all those arts. Instead of writing, I read wonderful books and blogs. Instead of being an artist, I craft and wrap really pretty gifts. Instead of being a chef, I'm a dedicated and obsessed home cook and instead of being a homemaker, I work at anordinary job and fit my family and interests and LIFE around that reality.

About this blog: If you don't know me, this blog probably won't interest you. If you DO know me, much of this blog probably won't interest you. Of course, I have no idea what this will turn into, but the initial plan is for a place to do a virtual family scrapbook, kitchen/travel journal and random/weird thought depository.

Before entering: adjust your, lower....lower....a little more...Ok, that's good. I am NOT a writer. As I said before, this is really just for me and for anyone who is interested in what's going on with my family and what I'm cooking and thinking about on any given, utterly random topic. It will not be the kind of blog that you read and wonder why these people don't have a book contract and a spot on Oprah. If that's what you want, please visit Rachel at or . I am also not a photographer - all the pictures are just what I've taken on my run of the mill camera to aid my flagging memory. I also won't be airing any tirades about my husband, family, friends, etc. (you gone yet?) - but gentle, ironic nudges may occur to me from time to time. And celebrities (including internet celebrities) are, of course, fair game. But since I don't recognize anyone on SNL or in People magazine anymore, you probably won't be able to recognize who I'm talking about. I tend to refer to them by their hair/tattoo stylesor do some version of the Kevin Bacon game, "You know, the guy who was in that movie with the girl who played Jennifer Anniston’s sister in that movie that had that guy that was in that Jack Nicholson/Diane Keeton movie". My parents are more culturally aware than I am - from watching 'Dancing with the Stars"!!! I ramble and stammer and need to have a thesaurus chip inserted in my brain. I'm not trying to discourage anyone – I’m just being upfront.
I also may go for long periods in between posts. I have good intentions but life gets in the way.


  1. Oh, Dear Lord!!! Ree and MEEEE, in the same sentence??

    In the same connotation? Wow. You DO beat all. I'll just say It's About Time you started sharing all that wonder that is your life---it's INTERESTING and fun, and I'm delighted to be part of it.

    I'm so glad to be your first commenter, and honored to be your friend.


  2. You're a genius to start a blog! We all love your emails because you really go out of your way to keep us all up to date. I LOVE news about what's going on with you guys. And of course, you make me laugh out loud. Don't even get me started about our endless food discussions! My question is, when the hell do you have time to do this in between work, life, and the bazillion books you read each week??!!

  3. Thank you both so much! It's nice to know folks love me. I do not have time to do this at ALL. So I may be a terrible blogger - the kind where people check in often at first and then say, "The hell with this" and quit. We'll see. And I do not read a bazillion books a week, Lynn! I listen to one and read one every couple of weeks, but I do remember books I've read and add them to Goodreads when I think of it. I WISH I could read a bazillion a week, though!