Saturday, March 6, 2010

Everyone thinks I'm so nice, but...

Seriously, I have so many people so snowed. Everyone I work with thinks I'm the nicest person in the world. My online friends comment that I am so caring. Riding around in the car today with Mr. Kim, I was thinking about all that and this just popped out of my mouth, like an unexpected burp: "I'm not all that nice". Mr. Kim didn’t seem to be fazed. (He has become quite accustomed to my out of the blue statements). I can be very snide and judgemental and snobby. I think that a LOT of folks that I meet are idiots. I think that I know the right way to do everything.

I was supposed to be visiting my grandmother in NC this weekend. She is still recovering from a stroke that she had last summer and I haven’t gotten down there since before Thanksgiving. When I called on Thursday night to confirm, I learned that the lady who stays with her (a dear, wonderful, wackaloon friend who is devoted to my grandmother) had a fall and broke her wrist. She was having out-patient surgery on Friday morning and HER sister was coming this weekend to take care of BOTH of them. My grandmother said that she thought it would be better if I waited until another weekend when everyone was feeling good. OK. I am sorry that wackaloon lady hurt herself. I also feel bad that I won’t be able to go down until after Easter now. BUT (here it is), I am so dingidy glad that I am home this weekend. It feels like two stolen days. Mr. Kim and I wandered around antique stores and flea markets and thrift stores today looking for a bed for The Child’s old room (didn’t find a durn one). I got all the bed linens for the new bed. Mr. Kim finally opened the smoker that he got for Christmas and I’ve been tasting rubs and sauces for him (my tongue is on FIRE). I got all the Valentine’s decorations put away. I made a great breakfast for us and we had a lovely lunch together at a new restaurant. One of my bathrooms is clean. Tomorrow I’m planning on getting all the ironing done and organizing our spare room and The Child’s old room before the Sunday evening “Oh-crap-I-have-to-go-back-to-work-tomorrow” depression sets in. And I’m feeling really guilty about enjoying this weekend so much.


  1. Hey, my Darlin' Girl!!

    Of COURSE you're nice!!!! You're kind and sweet and you care about all your lovies---even MEEEE.

    And it don't make you NOT nice to know how to do things right, and a little snide comment and a small whispered "Did you SEE that hairdo?" is sometimes all that keeps us sane.

    The lagniappe weekend, now---you didn't DO ANYTHING to cause that---it just fell into your lap when your Grandma's SWW friend made that little misstep. YOU didn't do it, and you didn't ask her to continue in her injured state.

    She made her own arrangements, and the three of them will probably have a wonderful weekend on their own (you'll probably come into the conversation sometime, but only in a sweet, reminiscence-of-your-childhood and in the TRUE bless-her-heart-for-caring-about-me way).

    You have a wonderful weekend, and soak up all that doing and enjoying to stoke you up for the work-week; wish we were there to "help" Mr. K with all that tedious tasting.

    ENJOY the HECK out of these hours, Hon.

    love and,

  2. Thank you, my always friend! Folks like YOU make it easy to be nice! I am enjoying a vicarious visit with you and Sis on Lawn Tea today.