Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pre Easter Oddness

We are having a Visitation. The Easter Bunny has apparently been dropping by the house when we are at work and leaving yard decorations.

Momma sent me home with these:

Giant plastic pastel eggs. Whimsical and cute.

Then the other day, I came home to these:

More whimsical large eggs. And little mylar balloons on sticks.

Then a couple of days later:

These are lining our walkway.

Finally yesterday was this little tableau:

That’s a hamster. With rabbit ears. And each one of those eggs is filled with sugar-free candy and Easter confetti. The hamster was holding a note that said:

“Hi, Mike and Kim,
I am helping someone deliver more eggs to your house. I hope you like your surprises so far. Somebody thinks your Easter eggs look pretty in your yard.
I hope you like these eggs! I filled them with special sugar-free goodies just for you two. We don’t want Kim to have any problems with sugar.
I did spill a few eggs and as you can see, my hands are too short to pick them up. I hope you like them!

Happy Easter!

Hey, you like my bunny ears?”

We are charmed. And a mite creeped out.


  1. Me, neither. But I wish I'd thought of it. We're still in the mud-stage, but this morning, I noticed four clumps of tulip greens---the faithful old things were here when we moved in, and that's 12 years ago. Last year they didn't even bloom, but we left them there in hope, sorta like a faithful old dog who's outlived his huntin' days, but still deserves a place by the fire.

    And Miss Effie, the nesting flamingo who sits at the foot of the BIG TREE, will soon lay a few tiny pastel eggs in her nest, in honor of the Season.

    You DO know that flamingoes sitting on a nest are NOT TACKY, don't you? Just wanted to be sure.

  2. As you can see in one of the pictures, my little mini daffys that Jessie gave me are blooming, but that is all so far.

    As a former Miami Vice junkie and all around retro fan, I can assure you that I adore all things flamingo. We had a lady in Batesville who had a plaster goose that she dressed for every occasion. He had more outfits than me. It was a family game to see who figured out some of her more esoteric choices. Prior to some major boxing match, she even dressed him as Don King with a Brillo pad on his head and wee little boxing gloves slung around his neck. I didn't figure that one out until I noticed the little plaster duckings were in a mini boxing ring that she had fashioned out of a cut up box and some string. When we moved to Roanoke, the lady across the street had the same goose and we started to feel a little bird-stalked, but, alas, he was not blessed with a sartorially minded owner.

  3. DDIL had a little gussy-up goose on her front porch before she and DS got married. She used to get whole wardrobes for goosey-girl as Christmas presents or Easter Basket goodies.

    Chris was helping them move into their first apartment, and DS somehow knocked off goosey-girls head, and stuck it in his pocket.

    Chris said it was a mite disconcerting to see that forlorn little beaky-face in a bonnet, peeking out and gazing up at the sky, probably praying to be reunited with her body and her pretty outfits.

    She's still in the garage somewhere, I think, and when they put her head back on, she had to wear high-necked blouses, a la Katharine Hepburn, or either a big necklace, to cover her decap-scar.

    Dear HEAVENS!!!! Do you know how much sunshine I've wasted chattering about GOOSE clothes!!! Just call me Victoria Peckham.