Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010 - Part I

I don’t seem to have this blogging thing down. Here it is April 8 – 4 DAYS after Easter and I’m just posting my decorations. I still need to post about our amazing, fantastic visit to New Orleans and I want to do Easter dinner, too. Maybe by Memorial Day.

Here’s a little tour of our Easter house:

A little thing I put together years ago:

Close up:

There are little pastel lights buried in the grass and they make a nice glow.

Our eggs:

Even though no one in our little family is under the age of 26, we still dye eggs and the Easter Bunny still delivers a basket for The Child:

It is full of candy, dyed eggs and decorations that span her lifetime. There are even a couple of those little knitted egg holders from my childhood.

This is a little sideboard that sits between the windows in the living room:

I love anything that is vintage-looking. Cover it with glitter and I’m buying it. The little tilted blue egg basket on the left is something that I decoupaged. It never got unsticky, so it has to be packed in a plastic bag every year. I painted the two little chicks on the left.


  1. You just GOTTA love a woman who coddles a sticky-basket for years by packaging it up JUST SO.

    These are all just priceless---memories one-of-a-kind, and so precious.

    I LOVED the Easter spread on CK, and know your guests just LOVE YOU---that's got to be one coveted invite. What a party, and all so beautifully pastel and coordinated.

    YUMMMMMMMY everything---the food looks scrumptious, and the desserts---who wouldn't be pleased pink to have those cup-meringues created especially for them? Haven't tried them with strawberries---looks divine.

    Girl, you Do beat all.

  2. I wonder if you know who is in my mind nowadays when I decorate all pastel-y and 'pretty'?