Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our NOLA Trip - 28th Wedding Anniversary Part X

Unfortunately, due to being able to post only 5 pictures per post here, I’ve had to divide up the report. And since blogs are arranged how they are, you have to go backwards. So start on “Our NOLA Trip – Part I” and go from there through “Our NOLA Trip – Part X”

After the museum, we went to Coop's for lunch. It’s a little divey place just down from Jackson Square. Mr. Kim had his first Abita - Purple Haze and liked it just fine:

The fried chicken description sounded spicy, so I opted for the 'Bayou Appetizer' - shrimp, crab claws, oysters and crawfish. Not very good. Everything was deep fried and over-battered and overcooked. The crab claws were hilarious - just the little wiggly part of the claw, pulled off, battered and deep fried. You couldn't even taste the miniscule dab of crabmeat. Mr. Kim got the fried chicken, which was NOT too spicy, after all and actually very good. It came with rabbit and sausage jambalaya and slaw. All pretty good. Unlike my husband who loves the challenge of inferno-hot peppers and sauces, I am what's called a super taster, which just means that I am EXTREMELY sensitive to spicy heat and sometimes bitterness. I wish I wasn't because it really gets in the way of my food enjoyment. But anything too spicy for me just ruins a meal. I feel real pain and then I can't taste anything after it calms down. So I was concerned about meals in NOLA. I was afraid that things would just be too spicy for me and that I would be this dork asking everyone, "Is it spicy?" ("Have you seen my stapler?") But I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the food we had was perfectly in my comfort zone. I had a bit of a problem with the shrimp and grits at Luke, but I still enjoyed it.

By then it was about time to go back to the hotel and pick up our luggage. One last time to sit in the quiet courtyard and listen to the fountain, take a few final pictures and say goodbye to New Orleans:

We had an amazing time and found yet another place to remember and love and come back to.

I am so glad that my Mr. Kim suggested this trip to celebrate our anniversary. It was exactly what an anniversary trip should be: romantic, with beautiful surroundings and lots of together time. I can't say enough that I have the best husband.

Mr. Kim: Had it not been for all of Kim’s inquiries and solo research, this trip would have been much less rich. Surely we would have missed most of the restaurants and would have complete missed City Park and Magazine Street, since the totality of my planning was get us there and remember to see the French Quarter. I am so glad to have an imaginative and fun-seeking wife. I can’t say enough how lucky I am to have married my best friend.

Kim, again: See what I mean about him? How in the world did I rate such a man?


  1. Thanks, Kim and Mr. Kim. I enjoyed your travelogue and eat-a-logue tremendously.

  2. Thank you! It was too good a trip not to share!

  3. AWWWWW, Y'all!!! If you two love-birds can spare a minute, I'll add my thanks to the rest. I feel as if I've BEEN, and it's wonderful and reassuring and gratifying and uplifting and all those good things to see the city so vital and so much STILL THERE, as well as re-built.

    I love the old places and churches and cemeteries, and in all our trips, I don't believe we've ever gone to as many really nice restaurants as you two did in one trip.

    We had a favorite out on Ponchartrain---Gus's maybe? and would crave their food between trips, so we eschewed Galatoire's and even Antoine's (which I had longed to visited since Dinner At . . . and read the excruciatingly infinitesimally detailed tale of how to cook and serve the Pressed Duck) in favor of yet another platter of their seafood.

    Anyway, you're both looking terrific, as usual, and gave details of your trip in fine fashion, so I'll just say for your understanding only: HOW I WISH IT WAS THIS TIME LAST YEAR!!!


  4. Yes, I understand exactly and I wish so, too! I could use a little Indiana hospitality! I'm glad you enjoyed our report. I like collaborating with my Mr. - he's a wonderful writer.

  5. You need to start a business planning "Tasting Trips" for cities around the globe. Think what fun the research would be!

  6. Lynn - we could tie that in with the RV trip you and Jeff and I are planning!

  7. After midnigime to quit reading your blog. I always thought a trip to New Orleans would be nice but my Mr was not in favor ever since a business trip. I think I MAKE HIM read your blog. He will change his mind. Christa

  8. That famous Samuel Johnson quote about a man who is tired of London being tired of life is true about New Orleans, too. I think James would love the history of New Orleans as a visitor.