Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Dinner 2010

We really had a lovely, relaxed Easter dinner this year. Our guests included family and friends – 16 in all. Our friend, Lisa, made a wonderful ham and her husband, Michael, did his family’s famous potato salad. It was the perfect holiday gathering – talking, laughing and catching up. The first guest arrived at 3pm and the last left after 10. The mark of a good party, I think. After dinner some of us sat outside and relaxed and talked. It was a typical and wonderful time – 6 people and 4 simultaneous conversations. We very much missed Momma and Ted and Kenny and Judy who couldn’t come.

No point in duplicating my effort. I posted the meal, so you can go there to see the dishes, if you like. It is my favorite food site, so join in if you wish!

Well, I tried to post a link to my cookskorner Easter dinner, but the link won't post here no matter what I do (PS - I freaking HATE the unwieldiness of this website) so I'll just post the address - if you want to see it, just cut and paste it in your address bar and hit enter. Here's the address:

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