Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our NOLA Trip - 28th Wedding Anniversary Part VII

Unfortunately, due to being able to post only 5 pictures per post here, I’ve had to divide up the report. And since blogs are arranged how they are, you have to go backwards. So start on “Our NOLA Trip – Part I” and go from there through “Our NOLA Trip – Part X”

In the French Quarter everything is jumbled up - homes beside restaurants beside hotels. The Garden District is much more segregated (probably in more ways than one, unfortunately) - there were blocks that we walked that were nothing but big, beautiful homes. I would take a picture of one house, saying it was so lovely:

Then a couple of houses down there would be another one, just as gorgeous:

Not all the houses are huge mansions:

This one was typical, too. Tiny, but charming.

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