Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to take a moment in this busy day to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that everyone’s gravy is rich, that your turkey is moist and that your potatoes are lump-free.

Seriously, I wish for all of my loved ones to find a sense of gratitude today in their lives. If we can’t be together, we CAN talk on the phone. We are all warm and safe and well fed and we have each other. That is a PLENTY!

We are having a late breakfast, watching the parade and I might make a few batches of cookies today and do a little Christmas decorating. Four days off is such a wonderful luxury. This afternoon we are heading to my MIL, Jo’s for a family dinner. One thing we are thankful for is that Mr. Kim’s brother, Brian surprised us with a visit – so we are having a real family reunion.

Please go to yesterday’s Lawn Tea post to read a wonderfully evocative message about Thanksgiving and family and the specialness of tradition. Not to mention the coining of the perfect word, preposterone!


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  2. Ahhh, my Dearie Dears!!

    You're right at the top of my list this Morning!!

    And TWO messages from two of my very favorite readers!!! And you are both way high on my own list of GRATEFULS---we were just talking with DS last night at supper about the little miracles of Happenstance, and the one most bountiful seems to be the people we've met, or obtained, or had showered on us by Grace, just for the being in a place at the right time.

    Thank you both for all-all-all the sweet messages, and the gifts and the encouragement and great compliments---I'm so home and family and blog bound, it seems, and all your kindness on behalf of all those is just boundless.

    Sweetpea arrived yesterday in a DARLING outfit---gray pants, white polo and a dashing gray argyle cardigan, with pink panels. She muddled about for a bit in her toytub, and came up with that BIG sparkly-bead pink bracelet, and said, "HERE it is!! I wanted to wear it with my jacket!" (sweater) I could just SEE that little three-year-old mind, planning her ensemble in the carseat on the way.

    And we talked about who sent it, and when, etc. She co-opted the sweet little lunchbox tin for her crayons, which are kept in neat rows, and so the bracelets mostly have a place of honor lined up along the bookcase.

    Thank you both, and I wish you a rich, wonderful day, with Godspeed and Traveling Grace and many blessings.

    love and,