Saturday, November 27, 2010


At the ripe old age of 51, I finally just got my first pair of prescription glasses. I’ve been depending on dimestore glasses for a few years, complete with a granny chain, but it’s gotten hard lately to see the computer screen at work. Dear Dr. Jacey recommended BIFOCALS (!!!), which makes me feel even older and more decrepit, somehow.

Because of a combination of having a narrow nose bridge and long eyelashes, I couldn’t get any cool frames.

And my love of ‘Vintage’ does not extend to eyewear:

I needed those little nubby things that rest on the bridge of your nose. So I ended up with wire rims. And because they are BIFOCALS (blessedly without lines), they had to be fairly large. Fine. Now I look like Aunt Glady in “Home For the Holidays”. Or Harry Potter.

Well, maybe not that bad.


  1. Well, Himself should know . . .

    And you're the first female I EVER heard complain about LONG EYELASHES. (grump. pout).

  2. My heart breaks for your long eyelashes! (And I heart your new frames!)

  3. Thanks, honey. I can always count on you!

    And I am NOT bemoaning long eyelashes, you two! They aren't even all that long (compared to the ones that boys always seem to get). They are JUST long enough to tap the lenses of regular glasses. Y'all get smoochies, too!