Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bad Blogger, That’s Me!

I’m still having to let blogging and my internet involvement fall to the wayside in favor of my ‘real life’ obligations. But I might be starting to see a teeny-tiny speck of light at the end of the tunnel.

This is what my living room looked like last night:

Those boxes covered an area 10 x 7 feet and higher than my head in some places. Mr. Kim says that this is 350 cubic feet (I have to trust him on this as I am number challenged). This is basically all of our Christmas decorations and tree ornaments. Jonah liked it:

This is what it looked like this morning:

(No, my house is not on fire – I have no idea what the cloud in the lower left hand corner of the photo is – perhaps the ghost of my great-grandmother beginning to materialize to tell me that soap is cheap and elbow grease is free and I need to get cracking). It still needs dusting, vacuuming and some loving care. By then it will be time for:

Good Grief.

P.S. The Child is trying to kill me. She’s found an apartment. In a city neighborhood. A basement apartment. With no front door. The entry door is around the back of the house. Which you have to go through a little alleyway between two houses to get to. Ack. Gun shops sell mace, right?


  1. Not to freak you out but I see a face in that smoke.

  2. Cheers and Hooray!! You've got cracking, all right, and done a right smart of the work, haven't you?

    I love your living room---I bought the wallpaper borders ten years ago, for Sweetpea's room, and for the rose guest room, and they both are a wide, old-fashioned pattern to go over a plain painted wall. But, like many a slip and many a delay---no luck or gumption or energy or impetus or want-to.

    Someday, someday---I want to sit in that big beautiful chair with the ottoman, and not move til we're all talked out.

    Tell Jess to be sure that she absolutely LOVES that place. She WILL have roommates, right?

  3. Bev - Lord knows there could be anything in this place!

    Rachel - Thank you! I would love nothing more in the world than to see you sitting in my chair. I'm so glad that you like it. That chair is ME! Comfy and slightly shabby. One person can take a nap, but it fits two comfortably if you are willing to snuggle.

    She will NOT have a roommate (except for Jonah, the grandkitty - that's if she can tear him away from his adoring grandparents). The horror of the last one has cured her forever of having a roommate. I'm not sure she would even be willing to share with a HUSBAND at this point ;-). I've told her to expect a long, pointed harangue before she moves, with periodic reminders after. It is what she can afford and all I can do is hope that she will be smart and careful. I don't expect to get much sleep anytime soon.

  4. I thought I was bad with the Christmas decorations ;-)

    But I do concede.... You have a GHOST of Christmas Past , and I don't!

  5. Caro - I DO, I DO!!! Well, something to brag about, I reckon!