Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Year of Dazed and Confused Blogging

It is 9:30 pm on January 8, 2011. And I just realized that tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the start of my blog. And I don’t have one thing prepared to say to mark that anniversary. How very typical of me. No topic, not one single idea in my punkin head. Actually it is very similar to my style of entertaining. I go around WEEKS ahead of time making lists and timetables. I set out the dishes the night before and put 3M stickies in the serving dishes so that I know what goes where. I get up at the crack of dawn and start checking off things on my printed out timetable. And, somehow, when the first guest arrives I am running around like a crazy person, no makeup, hair wet and half nekkid. Sigh. And I suspect that when midnight arrives – when I was planning to post my witty, poignant and thoughtful remarks – I’ll be posting the virtual equivalent of that pasty faced and damp crazy person.

Instead of thinking of ideas for posting, my mind is full of the horrifying events in Arizona. I wish that I could believe that this will start people thinking. That it will make public figures and the media realize that the violent rhetoric needs to stop. That it will make private folks stop spewing hatred of their fellow citizens just because of differences of opinion, religion or color. But, instead, everyone seems to be lining up on one side or the other. Reading the comments on the news sites is depressing and discouraging. Listening to our ‘leaders’ distancing themselves from responsibility is not surprising, but very sad.

When ideologues don’t have truth and facts on their side, they turn to stirring up emotionalism and fear. We don’t ever seem to learn this.

I’m sorry to be so somber. This is not the anniversary post I was hoping for.


  1. My heartfelt Congratulations on your Anniversary---it's been wonderful and I'm so glad you chose to share and write and post your delightful photos.

    And this post is so much of YOU---your principles and your thoughts and the precious foibles and truths that make up all our lives.

    There will be more time, and more, to ponder and post---right now, you're in reflection mode, and that's important. We all need a moment to let life sink in and try to make sense of some of it.

    Remember I love you, Damp Crazy Person.

  2. I can't tell you, my dear, DEAR friend what a joy and comfort you are. Security is a feeling that I seek more than any other and the security of your love and support mean so much - all the time, but especially when I have the mental 'fidgets'.

  3. Hey Kim, just clicked on this from Egullet, and I've got to tell you after reading a few posts that this is fun reading!

    And as for this post in particular, well, I'd love to add some extra insight, but you've pretty much said it all ...

  4. Rico! I was so glad to see your name! Thank you so much for 'coming over' and I hope you'll visit again! I DO try to make it fun. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes thoughtful and other times just as scattered as I always am!