Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Didja Miss Me???

Mr. Kim got back on Sunday from a visit with his brother in Arizona. I'm hoping he'll blog about it and post some pictures. While he was gone I got to wondering about something. Was it somewhat of a relief to him to spend a week with someone who wasn't food obsessed?

I talk about food a LOT. I plan what we'll eat, I watch TV shows about food, I read cookbooks like novels. In fact, almost every room of my house has cookbooks and cooking magazines stashed somewhere. When we travel, I decide on restaurants before anything else. I even like grocery shopping and if I can combine travel and grocery stores, I'm in heaven. I am incapable of passing a farmer's market or tumbledown country store without longing glances and deep sighs if Mr. Kim doesn't stop. I would have to live to be 1000 years old to be able to cook all of the recipes that I have tucked away in folders and drawers. When someone goes on vacation, I want to hear all about what they ate. When The Child comes in from a party, I ask about the munchies. I take pictures of my food - at home and at restaurants. The websites that I visit most are food sites - full of wackaloons just like me. Some worse. It feels normal to me (crazy people don't know they're crazy, right?), but I gotta believe that it's sometimes like living with a Trekkie for Mr. Kim. You know, the obsession with the shows and books and conventions. Of course, if you are both Star Trek goofs, that's fine. But Mr. Kim (while he likes to eat and is getting more and more adept at cooking) is not really a food goof.

I just wonder if there isn't a little bit of peacefulness to be found when you have a little break from your obsessed loved one. While not loving them any less and missing them muchly, you just might enjoy the rest from the constant attention to something that you aren't fanatically interested in. Just eating meals when you get hungry. Making sure that you've covered all the food groups properly. No pouring over the internet for recommended restaurants. No searching the grocery store for ingredients. Well, it sounds dull as dishwater to ME, but maybe Mr. Kim liked it.

He swears not, but I still wonder.

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