Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Early Father’s Day

We had to celebrate Mr. Kim’s father’s day a little early. This morning The Child kidnapped him for a Daddy/Daughter weekend. We had a bon voyage breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning capped off with the Traditional Shook Family Adieu. We’ve been doing this send off since the child was a tot. We get in a huddle and then - kiss to the right, kiss to the left, kiss in the middle, rub noses, rub butts and then…well – the last part is best left unsaid. Picture the three of us in various parking lots, train depots, airports all over place doing this for the last 25 or so years. Strangers must still be telling the story.

Anyway – they are off to parts unknown (at least to Mr. Kim) and I am alone for 2 lovely days. Just me and him:

We are having a lovely time.

Anyway, Father’s Day. We had Mike’s dad and stepmom over for dinner. We started with Caprese with bocconcini, grape tomatoes and some beautiful basil from our CSA box:

Then, ribs:

Slaw with red wine vinegar, mayo and brown mustard:

From scratch Boston Baked Beans and corn:

Cornbread gems (these little boogers were mostly muffin TOPS – I had a hard time getting them out of the mini-muffin tin – gotta work on that):

Dessert was a peach-cherry crisp with vanilla bean ice cream:

Everything turned out well and we had a great visit: talked, laughed, looked at Mr. Kim’s Arizona pictures.

Sadly, Mr. Kim and I don’t have any grandfathers left, but The Child is lucky – she has THREE! Mr. Kim’s dad and my dad and stepdad. Unfortunately, I won’t get to see my two this year. I miss them both and know that they would have loved the meal. Except Daddy wouldn’t have liked the dessert – he’s not a dessert guy. I’d have made him a peanut butter pie. Wish I could mail one to him and let him know how much I miss him.

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  1. What a lovely pre-celebration!!! Ours was a "PRE" as well---we "took" Chris to his fave Japanese place last night. He'd been wanting to take our littlest to share the fun, and she giggled at all the antics, shouted out the color every time another chef's hat appeared in the room, and went under the table despite my hug on her as the little "volcano" spewed its puny blast of fire.

    Then she kept asking chef to "make another tornado," "Could you make another tomato?"

    I'm so glad you have a sweet weekend all to yourself. Sometimes leftovers and solitude are better than therapy.

    (And that Farewell Ritual---whatever could possibly be sequel to the butt-rubbing has me intrigued. You have my e-mail address . . .)